Welcome to the Rainbow Hill Hotel at Nang Rong, Buriram

Welcome to the Rainbow Hill Hotel !

This place is not only a comfortable hotel with beautiful gardens, it also has a charm of its own.

We will cater for your needs and pamper you. We will make you feel at home.

You'll not want to leave.



Private tours

About us

At the Rainbow Hill Hotel, you will find a world of services.


If you do not find the service you're looking for in this list, please do not hesitate to ask us.
We will try to provide this service or we will find someone who can do it.

Our offer

Strictly speaking, we do not have a restaurant,

but we have various offers :


- If you order your meal in advance, we will go to the market and cook for you at your convenience.

- Anyway, you can choose meal from nearby restaurant.
We will call them and they will deliver
the meal at the hotel.

Our speciality

The favourite meal of our customers is
the Isaan Barbecue (Neua Yang Kaoli).

It's very typical of this area.


We can also offer western style barbecue

with seafood, spare ribs, steaks and/or vegetable.

Our « plus »

There is one more thing we can do :

You can come with us to the market and
you will choose what you want.


Better! We can teach you how to cook

Thai food that you choose at the market.

This service is free of charge. You just

pay for your meal.

For your convenience, we can organize private tours according to your wishes.

We can also go to pick you up (or drop you off) at the Cambodian border or at your previous (or next) hotel.

  • Our offers

    So many places to go

    As you can see on the map below, there are
    so many places to visit around the hotel.

    For your convenience, we can provide
    a car with driver.

    Our prices

    For a half-day tour (about 4 hours),
    the price is 1500

    For a full-day tour (about 8 hours + 1 hour for lunch),

    the price is 2500 ฿.
    The maximum distance per day is 400 km.


    For special overnight tours; please ask us.

    Our policies

    For all your visits to the Khmer temples, to a festival,
    for shopping or to see friends,
    we offer you our car and its driver.


    For legal reasons, our driver can not be considered
    as a « tourist guide ». But he will gladly inform you
    in the limits of his knowledge.


    The prices include: the car + the gas
    + an English speaking driver.


    Rates do not include your personal expenses,

    the entrance fees to tourist sites, meals and drinks.

    Please include the cost of the lunch of the driver in case

    of a full day tour.

  • Our car

    Our car

    Our car is a Honda Civic 1.8 i-vtec


    It is very comfortable for 3 adults (plus the driver)

    or 2 adults and 2 children (plus the driver)

    Our services

    We use this car for our private tours

    and for the transfers from/to

    the bus station or the airport.


    Please book in advance.

  • Map of the interesting sights

The Rainbow Hill Hotel is a small enterprise. We only got 13 rooms.
So we know each of our customers. Everything can be prepared for you at the time you asked.

  • Why « Rainbow Hill » ?

    « Rainbow Hill »

    The name of the hotel, « Rainbow Hill » comes from
    the name of the temple « Prasat Phanom Rung ».


    Prasat is a Thai word meaning « temple »
    (in the meaning of an ancient religious building).


    Phanom is a Khmer word (as in « Phnom Penh »)
    meaning « mountain » or « hill ».


    Rung is a Khmer word meaning « large »,
    but it's also a Thai word meaning « rainbow ».


    The hotel was named « Rainbow Hill » which is
    one of the possible translations of « Phanom Rung ».

    The logo

    The logo symbolizes the sun as seen through
    the 15 porches of the Phanom Rung temple.

    The sun is represented by
    the colours of the rainbow.

  • Our team

    The management

    Cyrille, the owner, is French.

    Pong, the hotel manager, is Thai.

    Both can speak English.
    They provide the wellbeing of the customers
    and organize the private tours.


    The staff

    Phan is Thai. He works as a gardener and a security agent.

    Lan is Thai. She works as a housekeeper and a cook.

    Noi is Thai. She works as a housekeeper.

    Lisa is Thai. She comes to help from time to time.

       Phan       Pong        Lan         Noi

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